The Committee shall consist of:-

  1. Chairman of the committee who shall be appointed by the Board amongst its members.
  2. Three members of the Board appointed by the Board.
  3. Registrar of the Board.
  4. Secretary of the Board shall be the secretary of the Committee.

The functions of Technical Committee are:-

  1. Monitor professional activities of Architects, Engineers Quantity Surveyors and consulting firms.
  2. Conduct professional interviews for candidates applying for Registration;
  3. Ascertain deployment of registered Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors to perform their duties;
  4. Advise the Board on matters relating to technical affairs of the Board;
  5. Ensure compliance of Code of the Conduct and ethics for professional practice;
  6. Certify academic awards
  7. Establish operationally and coordinate the Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors apprenticeship for graduates.
  8. Organize continuing professional development programs for Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors of all categories;
  9. Organize seminars, workshops and conferences;
  10. Coordinate competence building programs for consulting Firms;
  11. Oversee the Board publications;
  12. Advise the Board on matters relating to professional development affairs of the Boards;
  13. Deal with cases related to professional misconduct and unethical practices for both professional and non –professional; and
  14. Impose disciplinary actions for those professionals who acts beyond the ethics.